3D Tomography

A 3D Reconstruction

An example of a 3D reconstructed SMEI density plot, from the viewpoint of a remote observer. Density versus distance to the Sun has been normalized to that at 1 AU. The red circle represents the Sun, the blue circle and ellipse represent the Earth and its orbit.

The majority of 3D reconstruction techniques from both UCSD and STELab groups are exploratory, in that few assumptions are made about the heliospheric-structure shapes other than that they follow the general physical principles of outward heliospheric flow, and that the line-of-sight (LOS) response is appropriately weighted. For the UCSD analysis a kinematic solar wind model is propagated outward assuming conservation of mass and mass flux. This allows a determination of whatever structure may be present without any further assumptions imposed beyond the above physical principles. It also provides a "hands free" solution to this determination, so that data analyses and even forecasts do not rely on human intervention once the initial programming is set up. Finally, the technique is used to improve data analysis and data inputs from different measurement techniques, and to remove noise from these inputs at the different times the analyses are performed.