Version DW; 7 November 2011
1. Confidence in CME ID or Quality of event: E(xcellent), V(ery Good), G(ood), P(oor), ?(? Event).
2: SMEI orbital time as estimated at the azimuth location of the event.
3: Azimuth is angle in deg. measured CCW from ecliptic north through east.
4. Morphological type. V-arcs & CO are concave-outward structures. Halo is implied only.
5. Angular distance from Sun; first observed to last observed.
6. The associations are incomplete; systematic surveys are pending.
A "Yes" LASCO CME assoc. from 11 Sep 05 - end Nov 06 is as estimated from the CDAW CME cat.
7. JT: Tappin id.; Earthward: likely an Earth-directed CME
Year/ DOYDateConf1First Obs. Time [UT]2Dura-tion [hrs.]Azimuth Location [deg/dir]3Angu-lar Span [deg.]Peak Bright- ness [adu]Type4Angular Speed [deg/hr]Point P Speed [km/sec]Elonga-tion Range [deg.]5Elong. vs Time?/ Movie?LASCO Assoc?6Surface Activity?6IP Shock/ Storm Assoc?6Comments7
4110 Feb.P0.522222222222221044.3/NE23.412 arcs0.3823230.2-33.9Y/YProb. 1 CME; brief.
4211 Feb.0.88194444444444../SEarcsN/NJT. Wide arcs, maybe also to N.
4312 Feb.P0.6770833333333312231/SW20.30.5arc0.5233923.0-28.9Y/YSubtle
4413 Feb.P0.358.530/NNE16.32blob28.6-36.0Y/YSm. bright blob; particles
4514 Feb.P0.1118055555555614105/ESE23.31arc0.7749422.6-32.3Y/YFast arc, fades
4716 Feb.G0.4416666666666713.596/E75.10.5loop(s)0.4428323.4-29.7Y/YSlow, maybe 2 events
4817 Feb.P-G0.53758280/WNW23.30.5loop0.4628828.7-32.6Y/Y2/15,14:06Sh-THOther diffuse mat.? Particles.
Chen evt; circular in LASCO + SMEI
5019 Feb.V0.2166666666666712330/NW44.41loop/arc160227.8-39.8Y/Y2/18,02:42EPLoop then arc; EP assoc.
JT - same feature??
5221 Feb.V0.08333333333333344358; 1916; 291.0;1.0sev arcs0.72;0.76394;41427.0-49.72Y/Y2/18,06:42Back?Nice, wide arcs; >70 deg. JT??
5423 Feb.P0.276388888888898.5157/SSE500.5loop0.5937925.0-30.1Y/YFaint
5524 Feb.G0.1958333333333335145;14318; 252.0;2.02 arcs0.49;0.56314;34820.5-33.72Y/YVery narrow; 1 or 2 CMEs?
5524 Feb.?0.53333333333333N/YNot a CME? Moon glare?
5827 Feb.P17:11 (JT)SSEarcsN/YFaint arcs in Cam2. JT??
601 Mar.G0.813329/NW10.32blob0.425426.2-31.3Y/Y2/27,21:08EP?Sm. bright blob
601 Mar.E0.9118055555555625130/SE62.61loops0.7645024.7-45.0Y/Y2/28,18:30EPL:1800Large loop complex; SE EPL
623 Mar.G0.252777777777787125/SE62.61arc0.5635426.1-29.7Y/Y??Faint arc ff. above
634 Mar.P0.08888888888888917.5112/ESE13.50.5arc0.3420031.8-37.9Y/YMaybe continuation of above
634 Mar.G0.673611111111112985/E970.5-1.0loop0.77;1.05462;68221.8-44.2Y/YNice wide loop; moon interferes
667 Mar.P0.587510335/NW5.40.5blob0.4730026.2-31.0Y/YSm. and faint blob; real?
7112 Mar.P0.37083333333333744/NE4.90.5blob0.5537419.2-22.8Y/YSame but brighter
7213 Mar.P0.01875NNEarcsN/YE-W motion; noisy; Cam2
7213 Mar.V0.433333333333332120/NNE20.11.5V arc0.639716.7-28.7Y/Y3/12,01:54Back?Concave-out structure
7213 Mar. P0.85347222222222753/ENE31.30.5arcs1.3285521.2-30.2Y/Y2nd event? Overlaps with above
7718 Mar.?0.095833333333333128/NNE11.20.5?0.7344428.4-37.2Y/YFaint, dubious CME
7819 Mar. G0.7923611111111120336/NW54.40.50.6742521.8-34.1Y/Y?sev.Sh-THRising material
8122 Mar.P0.9694444444444424350/N44.60.5arc-loop0.65;0.86430;52621.6-42.32Y/YFaint arc develops to loop
8324 Mar.P0.527083333333338.51/N59.50.5loop1.0861034.3-43.8Y/Y3/21,10:54Subtle faint loop
8526 Mar.G0.5645833333333313.5341/NNW44.712 arcs0.6542819.9-28.7Y/Y3/25,13:54EP? 15:12Sh; St-THShuttering interferes
8627 Mar.P0.763888888888896.5342/NNW9.61arc0.6643222.8-27.5Y/YSmall, only 4 diffs
966 Apr.G0.722222222222228+293/NNW21.30.50.55-0.58362-37425.0-29.92Y/Y4/4,17:26Back?Sh-THFaint outflow
977 Apr.V0.694444444444441271/ENE53.21arc0.9310075.5-86.8Y/Ysame?Wide arc thru Cam2; JT Ulysses evt
10818 Apr.G0.00347222222222222515/NNE27.80.6arc0.6119755.1-70.7Y/YSlow arc
11020 Apr.V0.4729166666666730.513/NNE35.40.32 arcs0.76;1.37128;29951.1-91.92Y/Y4/18,15:26Trailing arc catches leading
11525 Apr.V0.2097222222222220330/NW49.81V arc1.0662125.7-47.1Y/Y4/23,16:50M2,15:48Sh-THConcave-out; assoc. w/NW disk EIT
erupt.,covers lg area to N & W
11626 Apr.P0.5465277777777815.5311/NW10.40.3blob0.5433726.5-34.7Y/YSmall blob, fades
11828 Apr.P0.380555555555568.5290/WNW37.91arc0.7348121.3-28.0Y/YShort arc, fades; moon interferes
11929 Apr.G0.290972222222223.538/NE21.80.32 loops0.8939150.8-53.8Y/YFaint + brighter arc;Cam2
1233 May.V0.1062536358/N23.40.2arcs0.619453.2-72.5Y/YSev. arcs; Cam2
1255 May.V0.360416666666672425;26;34230; 20;1arcs0.65;0.79291;33443.9-64.63Y/YSev. bright arcs; Cam3 Eng.
13313 May.V0.191666666666674817/NNE481arcs0.6430137.8-60.2Y/Y5/11,20:58Back?1 bright arc; Cam2
14020 May.G0.81388888888889154/N17.112 arcs1.0350439.2-55.0Y/Y2 short arcs, one brighter
14828 May.E0.7034722222222224284/WNW89.10.5halo1.7675832.4-74.82Y/Y5/28,00:28X1:X3 fla.Sh; St, 8+halo, mostly N, 3 parts; Earthward
15030 May.G0.762527355/N250.3arc0.6932439.0-60.2Y/Y5/29,01:27X1;haloSlow arc
15131 May.E0.688194444444448.5248/WSW61.91loop1.99116427.5-43.9Y/Y5/31,<0354M9,02:23Bright, fast, limb loop
1532 Jun.G0.6638888888888911240/SW47.11loop1.3277828.3-41.8Y/Y6/2,00:40Another bright, fast limb loop
1543 Jun.G0.8548611111111124;2213; 35054.20.5loop0.85;0.45432;21635.4-54.62Y/YFaint, slow loop, 2 parts
1598 Jun.P0.9347222222222211.59/N22.30.5arc0.732446.3-54.5Y/YShort, faint arc, Cam2
16413 Jun.E0.031253.5305/NW39.95loop1.1271526.1-29.9Y/YVery bright, short loop
16514 Jun.V0.4416666666666739325;31936.60.5arcs0.94;1.16489;56226.2-72.92Y/YSh; St-THSev. arcs in Cam3 + 2
17524 Jun.G0.4652777777777810260/WSW73.41loop1.380424.5-38.0Y/YBroad limb event.
17524 Jun.P0.94652777777778731/NNE15.61.5arc0.5330634.4-37.8Y/YBright, but brief; particles
17726 Jun.E0.5027777777777832354/N240.5arcs1.2345638.3-77.5Y/Y~3 long arcs; prob. 1 event
1865 Jul.G0.2534722222222227345/NNW23.30.2arc0.5318254.5-68.8Y/YFaint, slow arc; poor data
19110 Jul.E0.2611111111111125.5357/N30.20.5arc0.9441140.7-64.12Y/YNo LASPart. EITNice, mult. events, maybe 3; Cam3-2
E0.1965277777777827310/WNW48.10.7arc0.6537228.7-47.0Wide (80deg!), bright arc
19312 Jul.G0.593758.5332/24225;150.5arc0.91;0.59518;37824.9-42.02Y/YSame arcs(?) in Cam2+3
20019 Jul.P0.8576388888888912351/N19.20.5arc1.1452044.3-57.7Y/YFaint, short arc in Cam2
20423 Jul.G0.105555555555565323/NW540.5arc1.4379236.2-43.5Y/YWide arc in Cam2; cal mode
20524 Jul.V0.863888888888891200/N19.10.5arc1.0833658.2-70.6Y/YWide arc in Cam3+2; cal
20524 Jul.P0.8729166666666710298/WNW37.91arc0.850525.4-33.5Y/YSlow, faint arc
20625 Jul.E0.718055555555562+d.305/NW471arc0.91-1.02437-33625.5-71.92Y/Ybroad arc thru Cam3+2
20625 Jul.E0.99513888888889106.5/N73.8arc3.38122242.0-78.12Y/YFast, wide arc, Cam2
20726 Jul.E0.043752+d320/NW401V arc??44-66DW/YNoNoNoSlow, bent arc thru Cam3+2
20726 Jul.E0.275694444444441088/E73.8arc1.8xxx110-129Wide arc to 135 deg.
20726 Jul.E0.7090277777777822.5290;23185;330.4arc4.89;3.42123;xxx61.8-1212Y/YFaint, wide, fast arc thru Cam2
21029 Jul.V0.2416666666666715350/NNW32.50.52 arcs1.2356740.7-59.8Y/Y2 slow, wide arcs in Cam2
2142 Aug.P0.4284722222222224330/NW190.3arc0.5623747.4-60.9Y/Yfaint, short arc, Cam2
2175 Aug.P0.3006944444444413.5324/NW23.80.3arc0.5925648.8-57.5Y/YShort arc fades in Cam2
2186 Aug.V0.781258.5330/NW36.60.4arc1.0245247.9-56.5Y/YWide arc ff. arc at edge Cam3
2197 Aug.?0.084722222222222NWloopsN/NFaint sm. Loops; missing orbits
22917 Aug.P0.21111111111111552/NE18.10.3arc0.8233154.0-58.2Y/YSh; St-THShort arc; particles
23220 Aug.P0.829166666666678.5268/W72.8(?)0.3loop1.0863231.4-40.5Y/YFaint loop off limb
23321 Aug.P0.460416666666679.5294/NW23.61arc0.6743323.5-29.2Y/YShort arc
24028 Aug.G0.8638888888888924340/NNW370.5arc0.7127148.6-65.7Y/YSlow, wide arc in Cam2
2452 Sep.P0.2451388888888910269/W58.10.52 loops0.7346523.8-31.3Y/Y2 faint loops in Cam3
2518 Sep.G0.452083333333337252/SW43.70.5loops165521.9-28.8Y/YMult. loop struc.
26017 Sep.G0.4159722222222213.5268/W67.20.5loop0.4831320.8-28.3Y/YLoop in Cam3, fades
26421 Sep.P0.0284722222222225276/W55.80.0?loop0.7751818.9-22.9Y/YLoop in Cam3, fades fast
28512 Oct.P0.2187517101/SE250.5arc1.18xxx~80-105Y/YFt, wide arc in Cam3
29320 Oct.P0.187510108/ESE10.5arc0.7143029.1-36.4Y/Y10/18,22:30Faint arc bet. particles. Real?
29623 Oct.G0.484027777777787328;19028;311.0;2.02 arcs1.15;1.14668;70427.4-40.42Y/Y10/22,08;10M4;M2Sh; St 72 arcs, fade;halo? 2 assoc.EPs
29724 Oct.V0.1895833333333313.5326;33222.312 arcs0.95;0.88537;48332.0-45.02Y/Y2 NW arcs in Cam3
29724 Oct.V0.2861111111111110101/ESE107.30.5arc3.3750.670.8-106Y/Y10/23,08:54X5.4Wide arc in Cam2; see next
29724 Oct.V0.672222222222227294/NW78.90.5arc4.22xxx82.4-112Y/YWide arc in Cam2 to 135deg.
30027 Oct.V0.2840277777777815.5275/W95.46loops1.1370322.4-37.8Y/Y10/26,17:54X1Large loop cmpl; fades fast
30128 Oct.V0.543757; 6297;11537.112 arcs2.57;1.861611;105421.0-44.72Y/Y10/28,10:54X17,EPSh; 29, 92 arcs of halo, Cam3
30431 Oct.P0.227083333333333+324/NW28.51arc1.7185643.3-49.1Y/Y10/29,20:54X10,20:49Sh; 30, 9Bowed arc after anomaly; halo?
3062 Nov.V0.91258.5267/W50.92loop2.04132219.3-32.8Y/YY?Sh; St-THBright, fast loop ff. by next
3073 Nov.V0.3361111111111113.5300/NW50.92loop0.8854025.1-37.7Y/YY?Faint, slower loop
3073 Nov.G<13:093+SloopN/YY?Loop to S, w/NW loop?; halo?
3117 Nov.G0.1784722222222221142;8943;280.52 arcs3.31;1.27279;17268.8-91.52Y/Y1 or 2 broad arcs, Cam2
31814 Nov.G0.215972222222227129/SE231arc1.3183622.9-31.9Y/YSh; St-THBright arc, extends to ENE
32319 Nov. E0.2416666666666710150/SSE33.50.5arcs2.3477550.0-73.5Y/Y11/18,09:50?11/20, 9Wide arc(s) parts; not halo?
32521 Nov.V0.0118055555555565+111/SE61.91arc?14.8?xxx65.5-142Y/Y?same?Broad arc sweeps thru Cam2,1
Likely Earthward
32521 Nov.G0.179861111111117324/NW26.31arc1.0161529.1-35.9Y/Y11/19,09:50Short, bright arc; particles
33430 Nov.V0.1083333333333312135/SE54.75arc0.6843323.2-31.3Y/Y11/28, ~0911/28,12:50?Bright arc thru Cam3. Nice. Huge SE
LASCO str B-O.Source unclear.
No events in December
11 Jan.P0.2777777777777829141/SE200.5arc0.7132439.2-60.3Y/YFaint arc in Cam3+2
33 Jan.V0.252777777777781792/ESE70.51loop1.1971423.4-43.0Y/YBright, wide loop;parts., Venus
66 Jan. V0.0159722222222227117/ESE34.81loop1.92109431.1-44.3Y/Y1/4,~05, SENo EITSh; St-THBright, fast loop w/blob ff. by dimming
Data gap late 6/4,early 5
1111 Jan.P0.379166666666678.5122/SE35.80.5arc2.518873.3-94.4Y/YFaint, broad arc in Cam2
1414 Jan.G0.340972222222228.5115/ESE300.5blob0.7750821.0-27.6Y/Y2 sm. arc/blobs in Cam3
2121 Jan.V0.158333333333339133/SE600.5arcs0.7140035.0-42.7Y/YSh; St-THSev. bowed arcs ff. by aur.
22, 04:1413.5119/ESE24.60.5arc0.9818067.8-81.4Y/Yh,t: above CME in Cam2?
2222 Jan.G0.1465277777777812115/ESE601loop1.2679321.7-36.7Y/YSh; St-THLoop ff. by 2nd?
2323 Jan.P0.132638888888895.5133/SE7.51blob0.8150927.2-31.7Y/YBad data- ~5 orbits
2525 Jan.G0.3458333333333311145/SSE221arc0.7245924.6-33.0Y/YSmall arc, fades
387 Feb.P0.840277777777781058/NE10.30.5arc0.7737943.3-50.9Y/YFaint, slow arc; real? Good h,t
409 Feb.G0.87083333333333~3621-3240;510.5arc1.25xxx42.1-102Y/Y1 slow, wide arc? Cam3 to 2
4716 Feb.E0.2923611111111117114/ESE81.52loops0.6340121.9-33.0Y/Y2/15,04:00EPL,03:30Front+struc. loops; EIT EPL
First year totals: 108 = [13E, 25V, 30G, 35P, 3?, 1 None. So, 68 = E, V or G.]
5221 Feb.G0.355555555555567197/SSW38.41loop1.171721.7-29.3Y/YShort loop, fades; Cam3 eng.
5322 Feb.P0.98472222222222../SEJT- weak, Cam2 eng.
688 Mar.E0.695833333333333 dNNW/ESE65;251; 2arcs0.9837719.8-93.3Y/Y3/7,<10:007, ~09:00Series of arcs; 2 parts of halo?
SE Str B-OESEL-dim/arc.JT- Cam3, messy, real?
7010 Mar.G0.8138888888888910340/NW35.31arc0.745722.0-29.0Y/YNice arc; brief: parts., mode chg.
7818 Mar.P0.39722222222222../NWJT- Cam3, messy, data gap
8626 Mar.?0.75416666666667144/NNE440.5loop0.6137028.6-37.0Y/YVery slow loop; nonradial, real?
8929 Mar.P0.4451388888888912326/NW10.71blob0.6842725.5-34.1Y/YSm. fast, compact blob
9131 Mar.G0.4166666666666712.53/NNW491loop0.7144725.0-33.8Y/YSh; St-THNice loop, but fades & shutter
921 Apr.G0.40416666666667?N-NW85;381; 0.5loop23.4-81.1N/YWide loop
932 Apr.0.5826388888888911290/WL38127-40Y/NStMissed;no mov; CDAW st #72
943 Apr.G0.941666666666671020/NE54.80.5arc2.5639164.5-91.3Y/YFt., wide arc in Cam2, aurora at
start; JT- Cam 2; auroral?
954 Apr.G0.2972222222222220357/NNW601arc0.7644328.3-43.8Y/YArc in Cam3; same as 18:56?
954 Apr.G0.788888888888891244/NE49.80.5arc1.1914273.4-87.8Y/YSlow, wide arc, Cam2;ff. d094 arc
10110 Apr.P0.82152777777778./NEJT- very faint.
10514 Apr.P0.031251025/NNE33.50.5arc1.0635557.0-67.5Y/YFt. wide arc in Cam2; particles
11726 Apr.?0.6048611111111110275/W3.31blob0.4723443.8-48.3Y/YFaint, glare, real?
11827 Apr.?0.89583333333333./NEJT- stray light?
1221 May.P0.238194444444441815/NNE30.11arc0.8934348.8-66.5Y/YFt, wide arc in Cam2, bet. parts.
1254 May.G0.880555555555562.5d./SEarcY/N?JT- wide arc hits CometNeat; Tail dis-
con.; likely near Earth.
13110 May.P0.10138888888889~2723/NE46.20.5loops0.6624150.4-69.6Y/YSh-THFt. wide loop; JT- faint, complex
14322 May.G0.5569444444444424356/N86.50.5loop0.9242544.5-55.5Y/YFt., wide, peaked loop;Cam3 to 2
14423 May.0.43611111111111./NNWJT- sm., faint: same as next?
14524 May.P0.03819444444444412354/N~60arc0.9338049.0-61.5Y/YFt., wide arc- Cam2
14827 May.0.81041666666667./NNEblobJT- blob or arc; same as next?
14928 May.V0.270138888888892713/NNE47.61V arc0.8229546.5-72.1Y/Ycan't tellBrg, wide arc to Cam2 edge; be-
comes concave-out; weird h,t.
This & next poss. Ulysses evts.
15029 May.G0.1875246-10/N34.81arc0.9843140.7-65.3Y/YFollows prior evt.but less defined.
17523 Jun.G0.3805555555555610306/WNW51.32loop0.9962523.3-33.7Y/YBrg loop Cam3, fades
18129 Jun.P0.23611111111111~12290/NW19.31loop0.7648824.3-30.0Y/YFt. loop bet. part. bands
19210 Jul.V0.3152777777777835292-306/NW48;351; 1loop1.1857625.6-68.82Y/2YLoops Cam3 to 2; moon, parts.
19715 Jul.V0.811111111111111.5d330-341/30;11.50.3,0.5loops0.7735035.7-60.42Y/2YSh-THSeries of loops; Cam2
20220 Jul.G0.894444444444445278/WNW25.11arc0.746420.9-24.5Y/YSh; St-THBrief in Cam3; Parts., shutter.
20321 Jul.E0.6680555555555620348;302113;1100.5; 1loop1.57;1.24728;71529.7-62.02Y/Y7/20.13:30M9,12:30same?Wide loop to edge, Cam2; maybe
Part. Halomat. to SE Cam3. Earthward; storm;
aurora at end
21129 Jul.G0.1513888888888917245/SW39.91loop0.7748322.2-35.8Y/YSh-THNice but brief due to particles
1.5 Year totals: 108 + 32 = 140. 15E, 28V, 43G, 44P, 6?, 4 None. So 86 = E, V or G.
22815 Aug.P0.3652777777777810266/W55.10.5loop0.8957122.4-30.9Y/YFaint loop
23017 Aug.P0.97519313/NW26.50.5arc0.6829948.6-56.8Y/YFt, slow arc in Cam2.
2462 Sep.P0.3569444444444412266/W34.22loop0.5738019.9-26.9Y/ABrg. loop in Cam3;shutter early
[0.527083333333337267/W41.40.50.6844322.8-27.3Y/F(new meas.)]
25713 Sep.V0.549305555555568.589/E80.10.5arc3.33xxx77.7-106Y/AWide, fast arc, fades; SE to NE
[0.476388888888898.592/E84.20.53.59xxx76.8-107Y/F(new meas.)]
26016 Sep.P0.218758.5123/SE19.30.5arc1.2566337.1-47.7Y/AFt, short arc; fades, noisy
[0.221527777777787120/SE25.50.50.9451837.1-43.6Y/F(new meas.)]
26420 Sep.P0.35~20270/W61.40.5loop1.1774420.8-34.4Y/AFaint loop, Cam3
[0.6312512270/W71.50.50.7950522.8-32.3Y/F(new meas.)]
28713 Oct.G0.7715277777777815.5333/NW39.90.3arc0.7418863.6-74.9Y/FBroad, faint, subtle arc
3061 Nov.P0.609722222222227293/WNW34.70.5arc0.5731637.7-41.4Y/FFaint, short arc in Cam3
3094 Nov.?0.6895833333333320.556/ENE19.10.2loop0.5428836.6-47.5Y/FNoisy, real? Part of next halo?
[3105 Nov.E0.4638888888888925.593/E94.10.3halo?1.09xxx73.9-101Y/FWide loop to 270d! Earthward, Cam2
,-1. UCSD-this & above same evt]
3116 Nov.E0.09513888888888910+122/SE107.81halo?2.61xxx78.2-106Y/Fmult halos2nd brighter, wide loop. Earthward
11/3- 11/7; most NNWMulti ALERTS.
3138 Nov.G0.806944444444447313; 32727.70.5arcs1.68; 1.79252; 86138.9-86.02Y/F11/7,14:30Arcs Cams3-2. Is this part of the
0.70416666666667previous event? UCSD data. Mult.
to NWEIT evts; X2 at N09W17. ALERT
3394 Dec.E0.2513888888888929348/NNW80.41arc1.33; 1.83577; xxx37.4-99.82Y/F3 related events? Bright arc in Cam3-2
3394 Dec.E0.2513888888888917122/SE1350.5loop2.31xxx70.4-112Y/FWide loop sweeps SE-Earthward.
Cam2; dimming behind loop!
3394 Dec. P0.251388888888891062/NE25.50.5loop1.313075.3-88.5Y/FFaint, slow loop in Cam2
35419 Dec.G0.9090277777777824119/SE39.20.3loop0.95xxx77.4-100Y/FFaint, fairly wide loop in Cam2
36126 Dec.V0.3284722222222232115/SE34.31loop1.4258032.2-80.4Y/FLoop Cam 3 - 2 then fades
36530 Dec.G0.4187512103/ESE27.81arc0.9963620.9-32.9Y/FBright, fast arc fades in Cam3
36631 Dec.G0.265972222222226.598; 1105112 arcs0.99; 1.15618; 70123.4-36.22Y/F2 seq. bright arcs fade quickly
22 Jan.V0.09861111111111132116/ESE66.52arc1.4669424.5-71.4Y/FBrg. struct. In Cam3, faint in Cam2
44 Jan.P0.4263888888888910120/SE40.61arc0.851722.1-30.4Y/FFades fast; cutoff to W by shutter
66 Jan.V0.61388888888889~39123; 140702arcs1.00; 2.02600; 56623.7-77.63Y/FProb. same evt., Cam3-2; PAs differ
1010 Jan.G0.141666666666671097/ESE44.11loop0.9658028.0-38.0Y/FFades in Cam3; maybe next in Cam2
1212 Jan.?0.7597222222222214112/SE8.10.3blob0.8224959.6-70.3Y/FReal? Cam2; Moon in Cam3
1616 Jan.E0.57222222222222~3779; 11868.42arc(CO)1.39; 1.8776; ~50029.6-81.53Y/F2?Arcs in E&SE,Cam3; then into C2
First is C.O.; Earthward-aurora on 17th
1717 Jan.G0.942361111111117319/NW40.11blob2.81134239.2-57.7Y/FFast arc to NW, Cam3
1919 Jan.P0.9833333333333325318; 33145.60.5blob2.05; 2.521137;128034.5-53.42Y/FBlob fades fast; h,t's differ
2nd event is famous SEP
2121 Jan.G0.5361111111111110323/NW36.61arc1.8895435.2-54.4Y/FArc in Cam3; aurora late on 21st
2424 Jan.P0.3993055555555620.5129/SE30.50.3arc0.7622458.6-73.5Y/FSlow arc in Cam2; subtle
2727 Jan.?0.28333333333333/SarcN/NSlow arc in Cam2; (no h,t; movie)
2828 Jan.P0.201388888888895187/S24.40.3arc2.59xxx77.4-90.5Y/YFaint arc to S Cam2; poss. part ESE
2828 Jan.E0.7722222222222215150/SE75.50.3loop2.52xxx77.4-116Y/YWide, fast loop appears at 80E in
Cam2-1; asymmetric; Earthward?
3030 Jan.P0.2104166666666725.53.5/N67.40.3loop0.71xxx87.0-108Y/YWide asy. loop; particles; 2 h,t's?
3131 Jan.P0.43758.568/ENE14.40.5arc0.8243938.5-45.4Y/YShort arc in Cam3; parts. obscure
321 Feb.G0.0291666666666677130/SE27.11loop1.1268927.8-35.4Y/YBent arc in Cam3; subtle; comet tail?
354 Feb.V0.1243055555555615125/SE21.40.5arc1.5823266.4-89.6Y/YNarrow, thin arc in Cam2
4716 Feb.G0.3555555555555612353/N400.5V arc1.54xxx73.7-91.8Y/YNoNoNoWide, slightly C.O.arc in Cam2
4817 Feb.P0.563888888888897313/NW8.20.5blob3.47xxx71.8-95.1Y/YFaint, fast blob in Cam2
End of Year 2
Year 2 No. = 70. Total = 178.
5423 Feb.?0.44861111111111>3 d?EarcN/NFaint, wide arc Cam3-2;(no H,t;movie)
623 Mar.G0.1722222222222222332/NW38.70.5loop0.6939829.4-44.8Y/YClear loop in Cam3; ends in parts.
623 Mar.P0.868758.513/NNE18.20.5arc1.0163624.9-33.1Y/YShort, faint arc in Cam3; subtle
634 Mar.V0.929861111111112533/NNE46.10.5arc1.02xxx78.6-105Y/YWide, asy. arc, Cam2; parts., need C1
11121 Apr.P0.835416666666672726; 2131.90.3arc0.85192; 27660.6-78.52Y/YFaint, slow arc in Cam2; C3 shuttered
Coriolis outage: 24 April - 8 June 2005
16211 Jun.P0.175694444444447100/E37.50.5arc1.7915377.0-89.2Y/YFaint, wide, asy.arc in Cam2;also in N
16615 Jun.G0.620833333333334320/NW22.80.5arc1.5772446.3-54.4Y/YShort arc to NW Cam2;ahead of next
16615 Jun.V0.7784722222222223282; 34281.90.5;1.0loop1.79; 1.57153; 72422.8-54.02Y/YBrg, wide loop, Cam3-2
17120 Jun.P0.629861111111112051/NE26.60.5arc0.9618464.2-84.6Y/YFaint arc in Cam2; glare interferes
17322 Jun.V0.7465277777777815110/E53.30.5loop1.89xxx94.3-124Y/2YClear asy. loop to edge Cam2; aurora
on 23rd; faint N part? Earthward?
18029 Jun.G0.7312513.517/NNExxxxxxarcs0.9943844.9-58.8Y/YSev. faint arcs; parts. Interfere
18130 Jun.V0.8597222222222212355/Nxxxxxxarcs1.0659632.8-45.6Y/YSev. brg. arcs; poss. aurora late Jul 1
1887 Jul.G0.986111111111118.5128/SE33.10.5arc1.8xxx87.3-103Y/YWide arc to SE; only a few orbits
1909 Jul.P0.890972222222228.5338/NNWxxxxxxdiffuse1.8773049.1-64.9Y/YFaint; aurora early 10th; Earthward?
19110 Jul.G0.5256944444444419305/NW57.60.5arc2.3109927.6-70.8Y/YWide arc in Cam2; above aur. at start
19413 Jul.P0.912524287; 281xxxxxx2loops1.14; 1.46742; 90019.1-36.02Y/Y2 brg. loops to edge Cam3;shutter E
19716 Jul.V0.5229166666666715266; arcs2.61; 2.26xxx; 80650.8-94.02Y/YWide loop NW thru Cam2; 2nd N arc
trails; aurora mid-17th; Earthward?
21231 Jul.G0.50555555555556738/NNE28.30.3loop1.4848957.3-68.2Y/YCurved loop in Cam2; before next evt.
21231 Jul.V0.7055555555555613.5100/E31.50.5loop1.58xxx74.5-95.9Y/YNice loop but fades in Cam2
2175 Aug.P0.1020833333333322325/NW600.3arc1.5756242.6-77.9Y/YFaint NW arc in Cam2
22513 Aug.P0.6444444444444412297/NW43.10.5arc(CO)1.0332857.6-69.9Y/YFaint, ~C.O. 'arc' in Cam2
23119 Aug.P0.3965277777777815105/E15.90.32 arcs0.86xxx77.9-91.7Y/YVery faint arc(s) E & NE
23321 Aug.P0.29166666666667~8.5155/SSE40.90.3arc1.05xxx104-113Y/YWide, subtle, fades (4 frames); Cam2
23422 Aug.?0.434027777777787.582/ENE21.70.2arc0.9414173.8-81.6Y/YVery faint arc; real?; glare interferes
23624 Aug.V0.76111111111111596/E66.50.5loop5.63xxx81.8-111Y/YBroad, fast loop E Cam2; earlier fast
arc to NW? Aurora; Earthward?
24129 Aug. P0.19444444444444777/ENE14.70.2arc1.2215675.4-83.9Y/YVery faint, short arc in Cam2
2518 Sep.G0.93125784/ENE45.10.5loop2.26xxx79.6-94.9Y/YWide, fast loop in Cam2; aur. stream-
er & shock 9th; Earthward? AR808
25310 Sep.P0.545833333333337.5119/SE26.11arc1.4977737.0-49.5Y/YSE arc in Cam3; maybe in Cam2; X6
fl., brg aur.& shock 11th; Earthward
2.5 Year totals: 140 + 65 = 205.
End of Mizuno systematic CME search. Events 11 Sept 05 - 30 Nov 06 are from Tappin-House search.
25439702E0.3173611111111110110/SE611Loop/Halo140289-99Y/NYesLoop, partial data
26439712G0.688194444444441091/E320.75Arc1.658656-72Y/NYesVis. Cam 3, partial data
28939737P0.31111111111111799/E100.5BlobN/NVery faint. Partial data. CME?
29739745P0.77708333333333490/E260.5BlobN/NYesExtremely faint, partial data
31839766P0.23756110/E210.5Blob1.3327672-80Y/NYesFaint, partial data
32239770P0.822916666666678188/SW160.5Arc1.2551991-101Y/NYesFaint arc cam 2 CME?
32639774P0.350694444444443148/SE180.5BlobN/NYesFaint, 2 frames only, poor data
33339781P0.829166666666674190/SW300.5ArcN/NYesVery faint, 2 frames only
33639784G0.086805555555556791/E510.75Blob2.5723875-93Y/NYesLarge multi event
34639794P0.685416666666678225/SW250.5Arc241672-87Y/NYesPartial data
35239800G0.666666666666671193/E320.75Blob1.6437889-107Y/NYesMultiple events
35939807P0.5222222222222210100/E260.5Blob0.633368-74Y/NYesPartial data
36339811G0.320138888888897165/SE260.5Blob0.7162364-69Y/NYesMultiple events
1039457P0.5208333333333310110/E250.5Blob2.257360-88Y/YYesFaint blob cam 2
1239459P0.359722222222227.5100/E190.5Blob2777Y/YYes Faint, partial data CME?
2439471G0.00069444444444444780/E340.75LoopN/NYesPartial data
4139488G0.920833333333334120/ SE130.75Blob3.2540-53Y/YYesFaint halo
4339490P0.684722222222221290/E221Loop2.9141627-62Y/YCME? Cam 3 ID
End of Year 3
Year 3 No. = 50. Total = 228
5039497G0.952083333333334112/E320.5Blob1.562-70.6N/NYesFaint, partial data
5339500G0.77361111111111790/E251Loop2.546-65N/NYesFaint, partial data
6939517G0.718753.596/E350.75Arc95267-71Y/YYesPartial data
7039518G0.565277777777788260/SW280.5Blob274459-69Y/YYesVery faint thru cam 3 distorted
8539533G0.52222222222222989/E300.5Blob162060-69Y/YYesFaint, cme?
8539533G0.94583333333333487/E261Arc3.2560-73Y/YYesFast fade, partial data
No data for April 1 - May 4: Coriolis glitch.
13139579P0.73402777777778783/E300.5Loop3.8565453-80Y/NYesFaint loop
13239580P0.8625490/E280.75Loop6.558-83Y/NYesLoop, CME?
13339581G0.70902777777778685/E110.5Blob3.593060-81Y/NYesBlob poss 2 events
13439582P0.838194444444443.595/E400.5Blob1255N/NYesPart. Halo no data after 23:30
13539583P0.755555555555567109/SE750.75Blob0.5710580-84Y/NYesPart Halo
14639594P0.267361111111118190/SW500.75HaloN/NYesHalo only, missing 6 hours data
14639594P0.479166666666675109/E180.5Blob3.245871-87Y/YYesVery faint cme?
16039608G0.80138888888889792/E260.5Blob2.14120253-68Y/NYesFaint event
16939617G0.33819444444444780/NE270.75Blob1.5765463-72Y/NYesCam 2
17439622G0.418055555555561093/E351Arc3.560-95Y/NYesPart Halo
18339631P0.518753307/NW280.75LoopN/NYesFaint Loop 1 Frame CME
19139638G0.643759270/ W380.5Blob3.262081-110Y/NMultiple events likely
19439642P0.38402777777778765/NE310.5Blob2.2107755-66Y/NYesBlobish Loop
19539643G0.3020833333333310105/E270.75Arc2.333367-91Y/NYesMultiple event
20239650P0.0743055555555564115/E130.5BlobN/NVery faint CME?
22239670G0.393055555555561172/SE330.5Arc3.4610777-125Y/NYesDouble blob/arc
22439672P0.721527777777789120/ SE320.5Blob111877-86Y/NYesPoss multi event
23839686P0.831944444444443120/SE780.5Blob/HaloN/NYesFaint Halo shows at 19:58
3.5 Year totals: 205 + 54 = 259
25139699G0.884027777777788122/SE430.75Arc2.25xxx82-100Y/NYesArc from cam 2 onward
25739705G0.81041666666667496/E200.75ArcxxxxxxN/NYesArc, partial data
26139709P0.90277777777778584/E420.75ArcxxxxxxYesPartial data 2 frames only
26239710G0.0437510105/E260.75Arc210777-98Y/NYesPartial data
26939717E0.0284722222222221089/E901Loop2.512376-111Y/NYesPartial halo multiple events?
27339721G0.24583333333333790/E200.75BlobN/NYesPoor data
28039728G0.0347222222222221285/E180.75Blob1.9120970-93Y/NYesThin blob
28439732P0.557107/E320.5Blob1.4326073-83Y/NYesVery faint CME?
29539743P0.76805555555556592/E260.75BlobPartial data. 2 frames only
30439752G0.23402777777778590/E450.75Halo284105-116Y/NYesPartial Halo only
30739755G0.62083333333333891/E511Loop2.7584-106Y/NYesLarge loop, faint halo
31039758P0.725584/E480.75BlobPartial data 2 frames only
31339761G0.197916666666675125/SE360.75Arc1.5583-97Y/YYesShLarge faint arc in Cam2: Earthward?
[04:403111/SE~100102-116DW]Aurora on 9th, 23:17.
31539763P0.452083333333337129/SE210.75Blob1.8651466-79Y/NYesFaint, partial in cam 3
32939777P0.492361111111115145/SE250.5Blob2.690863-76Y/NYesVery faint partial halo
End Tappin- House search.
Start Webb systematic CME search: 1 December 2006 to 10 April (DOY 100) 2007.
337-383-4 Dec Data gap 337,21 - 338,17.5
3406 Dec. Data gap 339,22.5 - 340,05; poss. aurora affects 340.
3417 Dec.E0.13333333333333>33135/SE~75brgloops30.2-93.7Y/YMult. brg. loops to SE in Cam3, then
into Cam2. Extends to S in Cam2.
3428 Dec. Data gap 342,11.5 - 18. Spotty data, aurora after.Gap+bad data due to shock? Aurora.
13 Dec.: STEREO HI-A Door opened 08:10
34713 Dec. Data gap 00 - 08
34814 Dec.P0.4~6~155/SSE>40faintarc~60-76Y?/Y12/13,0254X3;13,0224Sh-StVery ft. wide arc to SE in Cam2. Earth-
ward; brg aurora at 16:23. Assoc. w/
X3 flare; 13, 0224; W23; CME 13, 0254
34915 Dec. Bright aurora first half of day.
35420 Dec. Data gap 00 - 08
35521 Dec. Data gap 14 - 21. Moon enters Cam3 east of Sun.
35824 Dec. Moon enters Cam2.
359-6125-27De Data gap 359,13 - 18; 360,21 - 361,07.5
11 Jan.P?0.2517/ESEfaintarc?Ft curved arc to E from Cam2 into 1.
33 Jan. Data gap 00 - 07
4, 54-5 Jan Data gap 4, 22 - 5, 03
9, 109-10 Jan Data gap 9, 22 - 10, 07
11 Jan.: STEREO HI-B Door opened
11, 1211-12 Ja Data gap 11, 22 - 12, 19
1313 Jan.P0.33333333333333~14135/SE~50faintarc70-90Y/YJT:ft arc to SE thru Cam2.
1515 Jan. Comet McNaught tail appears in Cam3
1818 Jan. Data gap 00 - 21
19-2119-21 Ja Data gaps until 21, 12; anneals
24-2524-25 Jan. Gaps or poor data before Jan. 25, 07
2525 Jan.P0.7319444444444410.5108/ESE~>35faintarc~70-77.32Y/Y1/24,1423B9;1452Ft curved arc to E in Cam2; emerges
from comet pinwheel. Before next evt.
2525 Jan.E0.8729166666666710+115/ESE~85brgarcs~20-35.2Y/Y1/25,0654C6;0714~2 brg arcs in Cam3; fades into pinwh.
Simult. w/HI-1A, 2A CME!
2727 Jan.G~10:1227126/SE>70faintarc~85-105Y/YBroad arc to SE in Cam2. Emerges
out of pinwheel & sweeps by; Earth-
ward? No aurora.Previous w/HIA2CME?
2929 Jan. G0.201388888888892435/NNE>60faintarc(s)~70-95Y/YFt, broad arc(s) to NNE in Cam2. Parts.
interfere; E part is faster.Previous evt?
Sm. aurora 29, 1100?
3131 Jan. Spotty data until 17:30
end Jan Venus appears in Cam3 E of the Sun.
387 Feb. Data gap 00 - 07
4312 Feb.V0.2291666666666710133/SE140mediumarc70-108Y/Y2/9,0930?9, 1913?Very wide and broad arc moves thru
End of Year 4
Year 4 No. = 61. Total = 289
Cam2 to SE.
4514 Feb. Data gap 00 - 10
51-5220-21F No or poor data 51, 22 - 52, 08
5928 Feb. Data gap 00 - 07
7011 Mar. Sun begins to saturate Cam3 frames E of Sun.
7011 Mar.P0.745138888888898.5145/SE~>70faintarc~75-110Y/YFaint, broad arc thru SE and outer part
Cam2. No aurora.
7415 Mar.?0.0611111111111112.5/NW90-120N/NJT: ? CME in NW Cam2.
76-8117-22M Gap or spotty data; anneals: 76, 21 - 81, 20
8324 Mar. Data gap 00 - 09
8324 Mar.G~18:00118/NE-NP551arc74-115Y/Y3/21,0328?JT: faint arc NE to NP in Cam2. HI-1A
8728 Mar. Data gap 00 - 08
91-941-4 Apr Aurora interferes; data gap 92, 13 - 93, 16; 93, 21 - 94, 07
95-965-6 Apr Data gap 95, 12 - 96, 02
988 Apr.G0.82513133/SE~90faintarc85-140Y/YFaint, broad arc thru SE, Cam2 thru
Cam1. Extends to ENE in Cam1
999 Apr. Data gap 11 - 18. New Cam3 mask.
10010 Apr. End Webb systematic CME search.
11626 Apr.P0.7458333333333322/NNE40faintarc47-67Y/YFaint arc thru Cam2 to NNE.
1266 May.G0.404861111111111588/E~60mod.arc98-110Y/YBroad arc thru Cam2 to 1.
1521 Jun.P0.3048611111111122/E~80faintarc83-100Y/YJT:Faint wide arc in Cam2 to E & SE
1543 Jun.P0.56257~30/NW?faint~60-90N/YJT: Very ft CME; can't meas e-t
22513 Aug.P0.52430555555556~10/Efaintarc80-95Y/YJT: Very ft CME in Cam2 to E.Cam3
4.5 Year totals: 259 + 38 = 297
2774 Oct.P0.42291666666667/SEN/NJT: in Cam3
29522 Oct.P~08:47faintarc85-120Y/NJT/GF: called a CIR by GF. ??
31612 Nov.P<02:33/ESEfaintarcY/NJT: faint arc in Cam2
32319 Nov.P-G0.23125>30125/SE>40modarc55-65Y/YST A & BNo?St.;6Arc in Cam2 to SE. No clear LASCO
CORs+HIsassc.,but det. in SECCHI. Earthward.
SSC,19,18:11; storm, 20; pk=18, -71Dst. SMEI aur. Howard&Tappin, 2009.
34410 Dec.P-G0.042361111111111>15/SE~70mod2 arcs70-95Y/YNo?sm.?2 arcs in Cam2 to SE;no clear LASCO
asc. but gap; Earthward? Kp to 4,
sm. B evt in ACE ff by HSS.
22 Jan.G0.67569444444444>1595/ESE~50modarc75-125Y/Y12/31,013112/31,0100NoArc in Cam2; ffs nice LASCO CME w/
flattened front. C8 fl. HI1A on 31st,
HI2A on 1/1-2.
44 Jan.P-G0.94513888888889>8125/SE~15modsm. arc120-135Y/Y1/2, 10301/2, ~0900NoSm arc in Cam2 ff and to SE of above
Nice LASCO CME; EIT dimming +
arcade; C1: S07E63. HI1A on 2nd;
HI2A on 1/4 (3rd bad data)
3030 Jan.P-G0.32916666666667>2278/ENE85modarc85-100Y/Y?1/27;21:00No?NoArc well out in Cam2. Very wide.
L CME NE; late 1/27
End of Year 5
Year 5 No. = 17. Total = 306
655 Mar.G0.32013888888889>3890/EL~70modarc80--952Y/YArc well out in Cam2. Very wide.
677 Mar.P0.15416666666667~4325/NNE>40faintarc73-95Y/YFt., wide arc to NNE in Cam2.
8323 Mar.P-G0.097222222222222>2085/ENE>30faintarc67-73Y/YY?Ft, arc in Cam2; Cam3 shutt.
12130 Apr.P0.54444444444444~1738/NE~50faintarc60-70Y/Y4/26,14:304/26,~14:00sm.Ft arc to NE in Cam2. ICME at ST-B
N08E09& ACE & sm storm: 4/30, 18:00.
16614 Jun.P0.12847222222222~15/ENE~45faintarc90-120Y/Nsm?Ft arc ENE Cam 2 to 1. Earthgrazer?
20321 Jan.P0.23472222222222~1275/ENE~40v. faintarc80-90Y/Y7/17-18,No?sm?Very ft arc ENE Cam 2. Assoc. w/str?
V seen in LAS,COR2,HIs;7/17-21
Kp to 4, maybe a shock late 22nd.
28410 Oct.P0.64166666666667~760/NE~45v. faintblob80-120N/YVery ft. blob behind moon light ring in
Cam2. Real?
3127 Nov.G0.788888888888892590/EL~45modarc68-115Y/Y>11/7,17:26EIT;sameNice moving arc in Cam 2; in SOHO
<11/8,01:27data gap; obvious WL BO+ NW EIT
[ 32925 Nov.P-G~10:00~13115/SE~50faintband100-130Y/YNoNosm?JT calls this a CIR. Tappin & Howard
(2009). No CMEs 18-24 Nov.]
End of Year 6
Year 6 No. = 9. Total = 315
7314 Mar.G0.625>32120/SE~40modarc65-90Y/YNoNoJT + TK. JT sees it earlier, TK later.
Nothing in LASCO back thru Mar 11.
8021 Mar.G0.27847222222222>1018/NNE~60modarc70-90Y/Y18, ~03N AR?sm?Broad arc in Cam 2. SMEI aur ~11:00.
COR2B:NW limbSeen in HIA&Bs to N. Kp~3.
C2/C3: Str. BO + part. halo NE-NW. Agrees with HI views. No clear source.
Inc. in ACE B, etc 20-21; Slight inc. at ST-B, 21. Poss. Weak CIR?
1887 Jul.P0.11319444444444~12~0/NP?faintarc40-50Y/Y>7/5,1500NoNoFt, fuzzy arc to N in Cam2.
2164 Aug.P0.18888888888889~20 /NE~60faintarc85-93Y/YNoFt broad arc to NE in Cam2.
29521 Oct.P~23:00~480/ELfaint77-88N/YCam2 near moon
3384 Dec.G0.71736111111111~5110/ESE45modarc100-110Y/YCam2. SE broad arc so may be Earth-
35117 Dec.P0.62013888888889~40/NP~50faintarc~40N/Img12/16,04:06C5: 01:13NoJT. In Cam3, marginal but follows
33 Jan.P0.27361111111111~10/SSE~55very ftarc95-150N/YVery faint arc in Cam 2. Could be
18-1918 Jan.P0.43472222222222~1690/EL?very ftarc70-90Y/Y1/17,04:13EIT over? 20, 13:00Faint in James' movie. Part. LAS Halo;
earlier ST-BSEL.B ~20nTCompl. circle in EUVI-B w/wave!
Brief ACE Bs dist. drove Kp=5. Earthward.
2929 Jan.P0.90972222222222>2110/ESE~40faintarc68-75N/NFaint arc in Cam 2. Only 2 frames before cals.
4211 Feb.P0.42291666666667~14110/ESE~60faintarc70-90N/Y2/8, ~12:00Faint arc in Cam 2. Assc. w/ft LAS halo?
End of Year 7
Year 7 No. = 11. Total = 326
4413 Feb. P0.32777777777778~15100/EL?faintarc70-80Y/Y2/12,13:31M8: 11:25? 15,18-03Faint arc in Cam 2. LAS halo alert.
PHAR 046Kp=4ACE sh.; 15,18:00; B ~14 nT, late?
645 Mar.P0.37152777777778~11100/EL>30faintarc63-90Y/YVery faint arc in Cam 2. Earthward
65-666 Mar.G0.95138888888889~8.575/NE35brgarc~20-35N/Y3/6, 08:27EIT: N40E40NoNice brg. Bow-shaped arc emerges
0.29375in Cam3! Good assc. w/LAS CME.
QR, dimm., maybe wave.
977 Apr.P0.16111111111111> 510/NNE?faintarc~70N/Y
10414 Apr.P0.77986111111111>345/NE~50faintarc~75-85N/Y?4/13,10?EIT:N50E3015,00Ft arc in 2 frames. Maybe assc w/spect.
Kp=5NPC EF & PH CME. Earthward?
13515 May.G0.252083333333333955/NE~50modarc55-62Y/YFairly brg arc in Cam 2.
13717 May.P-G0.653472222222221396/EL~20arc81382-95Y/NBoth TK & JT data. TH model: CME
launch May 14, small & to east.
15740335G0.4715277777777811105/ESE~60modarc90-100Y/Y6/4, 12:06back EF?NoBroad arc to E in Cam2. Poss. From
?6/3,20:54EPL;NELBS LAS doub-ring halo; or NE EPL.
16140339P-G0.6888888888888910.5330/NW~50faintarc76050-53Y/YFaint arc ff by void to NW in Cam2.
165-6640343P0.72430555555556~1127/NNE~50faintarc55-63Y/Y?6/12, 11NE EPL?NoFaint arc ff by void NP in Cam2.
166-6740344G0.92361111111111100/NP~65modarc50-60Y/Y?6/13, 07NW EPLNoNice arc ff by void NP in Cam2.
176-7740354G0.23472222222222>330/NP~80modarc53-75Y/Y6/23, 18back EF?? Kp<=4Nice arc ff by void NP in Cam2. Assc.
w/LAS ft. PH; all N hemis. In C3.
190-919 July.P~22:00~4260/NE?faintarc50-70Y/Y?7/3-5No?Very ft arc in Cam2. LAS series of
seriesCMEs, both limbs.
19514 July.P0.28680555555556>1510/NP~80faintarc907; 137541-47Y/Y7/12, ~147/14;18Very ft arc in Cam2 over NP. TH run.
CORA,B,HIAKp=5Agrees w/sm ICME & Kp. CME in STA,
B on 12th.
203-0422 July.G0.74444444444444>11.510/NP~80mod2? arcs40048-52Y/Y?7/19,~10NW arc, dim,Maybe doub arcs in Cam2 at NP. SDO
SDO2R,arc in NW-too early?
215-163 Aug.G0.38333333333333>20.5/NE>160mod2 arcs850; 97440-48Y/Y8/1, 07:25NE AR + NW8/3, 17:002 arc pieces in ESE & NP/NW-same arc?
ST-APC fil. erpt.Kp=6Assc. w/8/1 AR + PCF eruptions.
C3; 1,07:55ACE:sh., Hi T, then N MC 4,~05UT?
2186 Aug.0.14236111111111/NW1197; Y/?
230-3118 Aug.F0.34652777777778~23320/NW~45?faint?426; 50045-64Y/YCam2 only. Moon interferes.
232-3520 Aug.G-E0.80625~3 d.45/NE>100brgarc28575-95Y/YCam2 brg arc. JT says a CIR- same
? 235-23 Aug.E0.43751 d.300/NW55brgarc105-125;JTY/Y8/23, 13UTBrg arc in Cam2+1 to NW. CIR sweep-
236Kp=4ing by Earth? Looks like CIR, 23, 13UT
250-517 Sept.P~13:58~few320/NW~40faintarc474; 81055-65Y/Y?9/4, 16NW EPLVery ft arc in Cam2.
25512 Sep.P0.600694444444447270/W50faintarc980?N/Y?Ft arc in Cam2 off WL.
263-6420 Sep.P0.98402777777778~1 d340/NNW>60faintarc34275-85Y/Ft arc in Cam2 to NNW.
26522 Sep.G0.1125>19295/NW~60modarc751; 65065-80Y/YNoMod brg arc in Cam2.
2774 Oct.P0.82083333333333~4~33030dimarc1300~90N/NDim arc in data gap.
28613 Oct.P0.35694444444444/NNE?faintarc545Y/Y?10/11, 00Sm arc in Cam3 slot.
?10/11, 05
292-9319 Oct.P0.49375~15315/NW~30faintarc1088; 58075-85Y/YNobrief arc in Cam2. Part. Interfere.
30330 Oct.F-P~03:00>7180/SP~60modarc62370-80Y/Y10/28, 13back EF?No?Arc to S in Cam2. Assc. w/S PH in
33127 Nov.G0.3625~12230/SW~40modarc790; 130060-67N/N11/25, 1211/25, 18:30No?Clear arc to SSW in Cam2. No aur.
C2,WSWNW&WSWLSDO shows NW & limb act
33228 Nov.F-G0.1388888888888912172/SP~50modarc905; 80071-80N/N?11/25, 20No?Clear arc over SP in Cam2. No aur.
C2, SPEvt maybe part of above. Agrees w/
TH onset time.
35117 Dec.P0.184722222222227240/SW~20faintarc67560-75N/N?12/15,12NoFt, sm CME in Cam2. Asc. w/very ft
slow LAS BO to SW?
36228 Dec.P0.54236111111111?165/SSE~30faint?N/N12/26, 0412/28, 15UTAt 1442 already >90 deg: from timing
C2,SEKp=5of aurora, Kp & shock (14:45) prob.
already hit Earth. Sm ICME.
11 Jan.P0.03125~19~60/NE55faintarc85484-92N/N12/30, 20?1/2, smUCSD- Faint CME in Cam2. Reaches
C2, NEBzN90 deg, ~1, 11. No SMEI aur.
3030 Jan.P0.27361111111111~4/SE?faint?~1500N/N1/28, 05Faint CME to the SE Cam2.
C2, SEVisible for 3 orbits.
34-353 Feb.G0.8590277777777815135/SE~110modarc850; 170570-85Y/NWide arc in Cam2. Starts in eng. Mode.
End of Year 8
8 Year No. = Total = 361
4716 Feb.P0.75~825/NNE~30modarc2/13, 18:36M7, 17:31Frt in Cam3 to NE; JT.
4918 Feb.F0.2979166666666715/SE~100faintarc~600; 70250; 78-90Y/YC2, N, PHS19W03Frt ib Cam2 to SE. Same evt?
2/14, 18:12M2, 17:202/18,01UTAur. 18, 03UT. SMEI cals, noisy
C2, N,FHS20W14Kp=4ACE: sh, B=30nT but BzN.
2/15, 02:36X2, 01:44
C2, FHS21W18
5726 Feb.G0.431944444444441470/ENE~40modarc39575-90Y/NNoSm arc at ecliptic & larger arc extend
ing to NE-Cam2.
67-688 Mar.G0.63680555555556~1410/NNE~30modarc640; 90625-35Y/Y3/7, 14M2, 13:45Sm., fast arc in Cam3! Assc. w/1 or
C2, NEN11E21both Mar 7 halos.
3/7, 20M4, 19:43
C2. NWEPL/N24W58
69-7010 Mar.P~18:00?140/SE?faintN/NFt arc is SE. Sweep by Earth?
76-7717 Mar.P0.83333333333333~10300/WNW~15modarc535; 52125-30Y/Y3/16, 19C4 LDE,>18Narrow arc in Cam3 only. Likely assc.
C2, NWN20WLw/LAS. C3 FoV edge at 17,~0400.
8627 Mar.P~20:00?NP?faintarc94860-70Y/NFt arc to N.
966 Apr.P0.24375~7NE?faint970N/N4/6.08:30JT: Ft CME (DW could not see it). ACE
Kp=6 ICME & sm storm; SMEI aur.
13111 May.P0.35902777777778?345/NP30faintarc670TH?N/N5/9, 21C5, EUVIB,NoJT: Ft CME (DW could not see it).
C2, NE0.83680555555556
134-3514 May.P0.434722222222221215/NNE30faintarcs459ST50-60Y/Y5/11, 03B8 EPL,02:NoSm arc ff by fainter arcs in N.
137-3817 May.P-F0.32638888888889220/NP30faintarc 430ST45-50Y/YC2, WL20, N22W53NoSimilar to above.
15131 May.F0.080555555555556>1660/NE~30modarc760T;532S50-60Y/YNo.Mod arc to NE. Part. Interfere. ACE:
sh, B- 1, 07:20
1554 Jun.G0.96041666666667~6.580/E~120brgarc940;1160T60-85Y/Y6/2, 08C3, 06:40,dim6/4, 18:00PH-like fast broad arc that extends into
1192SC2,WLDB.S10E30Kp=6SE. Earthward? ACE: Bz, sm str.
1598 Jun.P<03:40>760/NE>20faintarc289S55-60Y/N 6/7, 07;19M2, EF, S22No?DW. Ft arc in Cam2. Assc. w/1 of 2
C2,PH;FHW55; backLAS halos on June 7?
1609 Jun.P0.70277777777778~565/NE?faintarc417S60-65Y/NNoVery ft in Cam2. Maybe 2nd of above
2 halos.
166-6715 Jun.E0.77013888888889>1550/NE~70brightarc804S;510T50-60Y/Y6/14, 06EP, 03:30Kp=5Brg bent arc in Cam2.
C2, PHS10E5017, lateACE: S, B, rot.? 17, 0200.
175-7624 Jun.F0.44722222222222~30/NNE>70faintarc227SN/N?6/21, 03?C8 LDEWide arc. Part. Interfere. LAS CME
C2, FHN16W08brg. To NE, but too early?
178-8027 Jun.G0.55069444444444~40N & NE>80mod2 arcs440T;576SN/NNo?2 thin arcs moving N & NE. Same evt?
187-886 Jul.P0.79166666666667~30NP~90faintarc986SN/NVery ft arc over NP. Aur. Interferes.
20019 Jul.?0.70069444444444~7/NNEfaint790TN/NHard to see. Poor meas.
20827 Jul.P0.5625~6NP~60slight arc569SN/N7/26, 10BacksideVery ft arc over NP. Likely LAS PH
2164 Aug.P0.92430555555556~8NNW~60faintarcN/NFt rounded arc ff by next.
217-185 Aug.G0.20694444444444ENE-NP-SP240!brgarc850TN/N8/3,14; 8/4M6-N16W28Kp=9Nice nrly complete circle! Maybe str in Cam3.
C2- 2 FHsM9-N19W365, 1800LAS FHs brg. In west. Is W part real-
cont. thru 219? Storm at Earth!
2529 Sept.P0.265277777777785NE?faintarc545S;750TN/NSeries of M5,X2,X2,Kp=8Very ft arc then wiped by aur. ACE:
C2 PHs. 396979, 1500B, rot.- 9,1100.
2529 Sept.P0.95345/NNW~40faintarc1063S;N/N""One among other arcs. Aur. Interferes
25512 Sep.F0.862512325/~40faintarc642S;1400N/N9/10, 03EP, 9, 23Kp=5Ft struc. To NW.
C2 PHN33W2813, 0000
25714 Sep.?0.13263888888889NNWfaint 380TN/NDW d't see it.
25916 Sep.P0.74236111111111NNWfaintarc945S;800TN/N9/14, 00DB, AR289Kp=6Ft, fast, wide arc in Cam2. Hard to see.
C2 PHN22W0317, 1500Earthward? ACE: ICME? 17, 0300.
26724 Sep.PNNW-ESE100660S;1125N/NPoss evtson 9/21-22NoBroad, wide arc. DW d't see it.
27128 Sep.P0.099305555555556?ENE470TN/N9/24, 3X2, M7, M3,Kp=5DW d't see it. The 3 LAS halos are in
halosM6- NE AR28, 09the E or NE.
SMEI turned off: 28 Sept. 2011 at 19:54. Operations covered 8 years, 7+ months.
Current running total; ~8+ years: 361 + 30 = 391
Most of the data thru 2005 entered in the first 13 columns are from DM.
Starting in 2010, the speeds in col. K are from the SMEI tool and/or TH runs.
SMEI/CME_Movies/CME Meas/SMEI CME Summary List.xls
Contact: David Webb; 617-552-6135