SMEI Data Frames

SMEI Camera Views

The strips in this video represent a time series constructed from individual SMEI images recorded on February 6th, 2003. The 60 long data frames from each of the three cameras 1 through 3 are arranged in order from top to bottom, the one viewing farthest to the one viewing nearest the Sun. The Sun is located towards the left in each data frame.

Each camera strip represents a region of interest selected from the CCD's actual full active area. The regions shown were transmitted to the ground in normal "science" data taking mode. In "engineering" mode the full CCD active area was transmitted.

As the video progresses, one can see intervals when Camera 3 is shuttered closed because the Sun has approached too closely to the field of view. Transits of the individual-star fish-shaped point-spread-functions are clearly visible in each camera. Occasional particle contamination of the data is visible as Coriolis passes through the auroral ovals and the South Atlantic Anomaly. Space debris crosses the fields of view of each camera usually as an instantaneous streak, but sometimes as an object moving more rapidly across the field of view than the stars.

At approximately 0:15 seconds the center of the galaxy passes across the field of view of Camera 2. From 0:23 to 0:25 seconds Andromeda transits near the middle of Camera 2.