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SMEI Fisheye Sky Maps

We will update these data products as time and funding permits. These data are presented in their entirety on the Web both for our use and for colleagues who are interested in specific events present in these data. An attempt has been made to make as consistent a data set as possible from the SMEI analyses in order to search for and analyze possible errors in the processing and in the 3D reconstructions. We are actively analyzing these data sets ourselves, and we will upgrade our analyses as and when newer data analysis techniques or further modifications of current analyses become available; and so these data should be viewed as a “work in progress” rather than a final result.


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Direct    Difference

Fisheye Direct Skymap



smei fisheye reconstruction

SMEI Hammer-Aitoff Sky Maps


Direct    Difference

Hammer-Aitoff Direct Image


  smei ha

SMEI 3D Reconstructions

45° West of Sun-Earth

smei remoteview

Ecliptic Cuts

Ecliptic Cut